is a collaborative project between the Road Safety Foundation and Ageas.
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Deaths from road traffic incidents should no longer be accepted. With the right support and funding, the annual death toll on our roads can be driven towards zero, making travel on our road system as statistically safe as rail or air travel. The Road Crash Index is a collaborative project between Ageas and the RSF that provides the latest data in a way that is both accessible and actionable.
About the data
We are grateful to Road Safety Analysis who used MAST online to provide the crash data analysis by county.
About the Road Safety Foundation
The RSF is a UK based charity that aims to improve the safety standard of our roads. Although road traffic incidents tend to occur as a result of human error, the outcomes are most often determined by the road environment and the vehicles involved. The RSF works in partnership with road authorities to enable them to take a more proactive approach to managing risk on their networks, helping to improve the safety standards of their roads.
About Ageas

Ageas is a leading general insurer in the UK, backed by an international insurance group with businesses across Europe and Asia. Over 5 million people in the UK benefit from their award winning service by choosing to insure their cars, homes, travels or businesses with Ageas.

As the third largest UK car insurer, Ageas knows only too well the impact that incidents on the roads can have on its customers, their families, other road users and public services. That’s why Ageas has partnered with the Road Safety Foundation since 2012 to help make Great Britain’s roads safer for everyone.

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Take action now

Road deaths and serious injuries can be reduced with road safety engineering treatments.

Preventative measures are simple, affordable and effective.

The suffering of victims and families can be prevented.