Despite our best efforts we sometimes make mistakes – it's just human nature. So although most crashes are caused by human error, it's the vehicles involved and the road environment that often dictates how serious a road traffic incident is.

The features of the road contribute to both the likelihood of a crash happening and the severity of any injuries sustained. For example, a sharp bend in the road may cause you to lose control of your vehicle, but it's the presence of obstacles or other road users at the bend that ultimately determines whether or not you walk away from the crash. As you may imagine, coming to a controlled stop in a nice clear area is far more favourable than hitting a post or a tree at speed.

Simple, cost-effective measures really do save lives

Run-off road crashes

  • Shoulder rumble strips that warn drivers that they are starting to leave the road coupled with a hard strip give drivers the chance to get back on the road if they lose control
  • Removing, replacing (with safer options) or protecting roadside obstacles with crash barriers can prevent injuries
  • Good lining and signing can warn drivers of hazards ahead and help them to read the lay of the road

Head-on crashes

  • Improving the separation between vehicles moving in opposing directions (through crash barriers or central hatching) reduces the occurrence of head on crashes

Junction crashes

  • Well-designed roundabouts can reduce vehicle speeds and manage crash energy by inviting glancing blows rather than right angle collisions
  • Turning pockets provide a safe place to wait before making a right turn

Crashes with pedestrians and cyclists

  • Cycle lanes and footpaths separate cyclists and pedestrians from fast moving traffic
  • Pedestrian refuge islands simplify the crossing of busy roads – particularly for more vulnerable road users such as children or the elderly

These measures are well-worth the investment, especially when you consider that for every £1 spent on prevention, around £3 back is gained back in crash savings overall.

Take action now

Road deaths and serious injuries can be reduced with road safety engineering treatments.

Preventative measures are simple, affordable and effective.

The suffering of victims and families can be prevented.